Tânia Gallindo MBACP RCST Psychotherapeutic Counselling in Stroud, Gloucestershire
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Psychotherapeutic Counselling

I offer sessions where you can explore yourself in full confidence. This is an opportunity for you to express any feelings and emotions that have been bottled up, such as anger, low self-esteem, grief, fear and shame, for example. I am a counsellor who uses a holistic approach to therapy, which means I explore the wider context of your life, such as your social, cultural, sexual, and spiritual backgrounds.

I have trained as a psychosynthesis (transpersonal) counsellor, and in such a psychotherapeutic approach you are seen beyond the symptoms you bring, which means I don’t pathologize you. Actually, I welcome your symptom as a venue for your growth as human being.

When you explore your symptoms, inevitably you learn more about yourself, where you are heading, where you really want to go, what are the things that might have to change along the way, and why often you procrastinate and sabotage yourself, for example.

My job ultimately is to guide you back to yourself, to find you are immensely resourceful, and I can do it in a warm, real and gentle way. I can also challenge you in a compassionate way, if I feel it will contribute to your growth. I aim to help you to get more clarity on the issue(s) you bring, increasing your awareness over your choices, and therefore creating transformation in your life.





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