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Psychotherapeutic Bodywork. With Julie Craniosexual (old) (old) (old) (old) (old)

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork (PB) is a psychotherapeutic process where you will expand your self knowledge via embodiment, which means becoming aware of the sensations, feelings and thoughts arising for you during the work. PB is a type of body psychotherapy based on my trainings in transpersonal psychotherapy, craniosacral therapy, shiatsu massage, women’s sexuality coaching, meditation and various workshops. It brings together physical, psychological, spiritual and energetic awareness through guided sessions and deep listening to your unfoldment, which is in itself healing.

PB induces you to experience and track the sensations that arise in your body during the session. The work initially invites you to somatically experience yourself, connecting you with your sensations, images, memories, smells, as well as thoughts. In other words it brings you right back to what is taking place right now in the present, where healing can be initiated. Most important, this is a work that deeply recognises the importance of creating a safe container for the client, which is achieved with the tools psychotherapy provides.

Our bodies are infinitely intelligent, if we give it the chance to be heard. During PB your central nervous system starts to slow down and it is an important part of the process. Lying down comfortably on a therapy table you become aware of your nervous system slowing down (igniting the parassympathetic system) by noticing your heart rate slowing down, a deepening in your breathing and peristaltic movement in your abdomen, to name a few. As the process deepens you get in touch with feelings and emotions or perhaps initially you only notice sensations and deep relaxation. It all depends on each individual, as it will be different to each person.

Usually people are trapped in the past and future dyad, which means you are suffering because of past events in your life and depressed, anxious about the future. Any type of trauma pushes the activation of the nervous system (NS) beyond its ability to self-regulate. That means, when a stressful experience pushes the NS to its limit it gets stuck and every time it is stimulated like this, we are likely to experience anxiety, panic, anger and restlessness. In other words, our NS is already in overload due to past traumatic experiences of various kinds.

It is important to notice that you might not be aware of the trauma you experienced as a child or even later in life. In order to survive and move on with our lives we tend to normalise, justify, dismiss our traumatic experiences. We also want to protect the people who caused us pain, often our parents. We relegate these experiences to the unconscious part of our psyche and go on with life, without the awareness that it is this unconscious forces which command most of our behaviour. Like Carl Jung says, ”Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

As your awareness of yourself grows in this process, the way you experience an issue(s) starts to shift, which means you also become aware of unconscious processes, how and when they happen, what they look like, and where they come from. Unconscious material or simply the unconscious for better or worse, commands on a regular basis our behaviours. In order to start this conversation with the unconscious a variety of creative techniques are used during the PB process.

In order to shift our position or behaviour and initiate healing is necessary to investigate these unconscious forces by experiencing our body, as well as our minds during the PB process.

The outcome is an increased awareness of the dysfunctional contents within yourself, which once brought to the light of consciousness, realign, dissipate, quieten and transform.

PB can lead to profound healing and spiritual transformation in a traumatised client.

Sessions are 120min (first consultation) and 75min long. In order to fully benefit from PB, like in counselling and psychotherapy, you are advised to engage in your process on a regular basis. For more details contact me at taniaglindo@gmail.com. to arrange an initial (free 15min) appointment.

Psychotherapeutic Bodywork. With Julie Craniosexual (old) (old) (old) (old) (old)







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